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Are you a gaming fanatic? Do you just love to live in a virtual world, where barriers are non-existent and literally the world is your oyster? If the answer to these questions is yes! Then you Dinosaur Museum is the right place for you!

Why Dinosaur Museum

   We have an unlimited amount of virtual games, in a huge variety of categories from bingo to battles! You will never ever get bored on our site, with over 500 different virtual games to chose from, and each one having up to 300 different levels to access! Each game has a variety of interests and can keep you occupied for as long as you need! (Just remember to take a break when you need to sleep!)

   All of our games are accessed through this one site! There is no swapping and changing to different URL’s, or having to search for new sites. Absolutely everything that you need, you can find right here! That makes it so much easier for you, and means only one set of login details, only one set of payment details and most importantly a lot more time for you to spend gaming in the virtual world!

   Our prices are the best around, so much so that if you find prices anywhere else cheaper we will not only match those prices but also reward you for letting us know by giving you free credits!

   Our system is different, not only can you purchase credits, but you can win and exchange them! This means that exclusive of the one of membership joining fee, you can play endlessly without paying a single, real life penny! Of course you have to be smart about it. Save your lives, save your winnings and go that extra mile to answer bonus questions and find hidden treasures! 

   Our credits can be used universally! That means that if you win 30 credits in your afternoon game of bingo, you don’t have to just use them again for your next bingo game. You can use them to buy new weapons at battle, or to purchase that house you always wanted!

   We have a fantastic team of helpers, that are here on hand 24 hours a day to guide you through any tricky times that you may be having completing levels, or any problems you may have with the website or membership. They are available for you tor each via our free helpline, or through our free instant messaging service. You can also Skype them, or email if the enquiry is not urgent.


Types of games

Whether you are a stay at home mum who loves a bit of bingo, a sci-fi fanatic who wants nothing more than to fly through space as Luke Skywalker, or are an agricultural genius who likes to run their own farm and gardens; we have the games for you! Here is a list of just some of our categories of games:

   Casino - Poker, Bingo, Black Jack, Spin the Wheel and more

   Grow your own - Simpsons, Smurfs, Farmland, Home time and more

Man time - Battle stars    


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Virtual living


Andy Duncan

" Dinosaur Museum has so many fantastic games for you to try! I absolutely love them, I don’t have much of a social life, so for me being able to create characters, make purchases and make life desicions in the virtual world is fantastic! "

Jennifer Lewis

" Dinosaur Museum is the best site I have ever found. I can buy food at the supermarket, purchase a house and gamble! Not only that but I can grow a farm and fight in battles, the possibilities are endless! "

Mark Donaghue

" I really love Dinosaur Museum. I got really bored of the old games I used to play, and it was annoying having to jump to different sites. Here I can find all my favourite games on one site!  "